CloseOut Benefits

Are you aiming for high first-time fix rates? CloseOut can help you with real-time quality control: your field teams will get an immediate notification from back-office quality engineers about issues on construction sites that require their actions.

Complete the work with perfection while teams are on the site, reduce the need for returning to the location for additional fixes, and reduce the costs of your field operations.

There are so many risks and hazards on construction sites. Safety precautions are vital in keeping construction workers out of harm’s way.

CloseOut helps you execute full Health & Safety compliance checks from a remote location.

Additionally, AI assistant brings automation and efficiency to these important everyday processes.

Having troubles with managing project and employee documentation? Tired of tons of papers on your table?

In CloseOut you can have it all arranged and available on a click. Save a bunch of time needed for the creation of as-built documentation – with CloseOut you can export it with ease.

AI assistant brings automation in keeping a track of certification validity for all your employees.

Staying on schedule and increasing the productivity of field operations is a top priority for general contractors and construction companies.

Making sure that projects are completed on time is a must. So how can CloseOut help you with that?

With our adjustable workflows, your field teams are provided with step-by-step procedures, and the possibility of missteps is reduced to a minimum.

Every party, whether those are your teams or subcontractor’s crew, engaged in a project has all the information in the palm of their hands - CloseOut mobile app will be at your disposal.

Quality control processes take a lot of time and manpower to be executed properly. CloseOut’s AI assistant can help you automate that part of your business procedures.

Advanced machine learning algorithms can do the recognition of the elements of the image and can automatically validate field documentation with a high level of precision.

Also, text on labels, various types of documentation, types of cables, all of that can be automatically recognized.

Keep track of employee’s actual work hours without using timesheets. Organize your teams and manage the teams dispatching from one place.

Use CloseOut GPS features to get real-time insight in your field operations.

If you use various programs for online collaboration between team members, you can easily get lost. It's easier when everybody can communicate by using one software.

Video calls and real-time notifications, integrated with the CloseOut platform will make your life much easier.

Being an effective manager in an ever-changing business requires real-time overseeing of all projects' lifecycle from beginning to completion.

CloseOut dashboards will provide you with everything you need in real-time.

Learn critical insights from quality control performance data with our reporting feature. Get the status of all your projects at any point in time.

A job that is running very smoothly will be all green and those jobs that have a lot of red on them will be the ones that you would want to put some more attention on.

You have very specific organizational and structural requirements for your projects and you might be suspicious if they can be translated properly to CloseOut system? No need to worry.

CloseOut is a super adaptable platform that can be adjusted to all our customers’ needs.

You have full access control for all your users – you control who can see what, and who can do specific things in the field operations management.

The creation of project workflows is not restrictive, it can be adjusted so it perfectly fits the structure of your operations.