You can monitor and track performance of teams, locations, projects and even fieldworkers for certain time window and use this data to improve business processes and planning.

This is a valuable tool for all management levels instant insight and visibility into field operations. Dashboard provides a comprehensive snapshot of performance, with possibility to drill down to different levels of details.


  • Defining and creating detailed reports of the CloseOut.Quality module
  • Defining and creating detailed reports of the CloseOut.Efficiency module
  • Defining and creating CloseOut.Quality and CloseOut.Efficiency reports through the Manager Dashboard View
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Built to drive the maximum productivity from field workers while providing the real-time information and reporting to the back office. Design to be simple to use and to ensure that fieldwork is done right on the first site visit.

CloseOut.Quality Mobile App guides the field workers, while they are on the site, through each and every photo&video they have to take and every piece of data they have to collect. Simple to use because all job documentation is at the fieldworker's fingertips.

CloseOut.Quality Web App helps back office eliminate the many lost hours of work required to organize photos and helps eliminate the expensive site revisits. Since back office get photos and video of work-done on field within moments of them being taking, Supervisor can see what they need to retake and do quality inspection of work-done in real time. It guides both parties to know when the job is well done and keeps them incredibly organized in real-time.

Every photo of work-done has geotag and watermark (timestamp, geolocation, user, etc..), stored into central repository and always available for quality inspection documentation in different formats. Every part of solutions is configurable and could be personalized to customer’s business need.

All project data are accessible anywhere and anytime - there is no need for stacks of paperwork, the back office can see the job status in real-time and field workers have everything they need right from their mobile device.

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This intuitive tool offers to supervisors an access to consolidated schedule and georeferenced workforce monitoring. Fully integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning solution, enables resource allocation - automatic calculation of time that dispatchers and field workers spend on the project.


  • Employee timesheets
  • Project timesheets
  • Trip trace points
  • Work logs
  • Georeferenced analytics
  • Real time monitoring
  • Georeferenced planning
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