Our modules Quality and Efficiency can be used independently, both stand-alone or with the Dashboard module. Combined, they function as an integrated all-in-one solution that will help ensure top quality inspection and fieldwork efficiency.



Synergy of real-time quality inspection of field-work and Quality and Efficiency performance tracking, brings major improvement in Quality Assurance area, so fieldwork can be kept streamlined and empowered.



Decrease your costs by increasing the quality and improving resource utilization:

  • quality control of performed filed work in real-time through the SaaS solution
  • quality control supported by machine learning
  • fraud prevetion through geolocation tag and watermark tag
  • full real-time insight into whether field works are taking place within the planned time
  • automatically generated as-built documetation
  • reports and personalized dashboards to monitor relevant data
  • establishment of a single reference point for all documents required on the site
  • guarantee of necessary safety, technical and quality standards
  • building a knowledge base for documenting fieldwork and defined quality criteria


The CloseOut solution is constantly evolving and our team is dedicated to further developing new and improving the existing functionalities.

Roadmap with our vision and direction of product development, cointains following features:

  • Daily progress report for quick overview at the end of each working day heavily weighs on how planed tasks develop
  • Embedded chat for efficient team collaboration
  • Time tracking for monitoring working time
  • Gamifications where all the employee can see their rated performance and receive their quality work report at the end of week/month
Licensing img


In line with the best business practices for licensing the SaaS solution, the CloseOut solution supports several subscription-based licensing models. Clients can easily track the number of licenses and have the ability to control the costs and plan further upgrades in terms of number of users.

Different types of software licensing models, based on customer needs or desires, are available:

  • Trial
  • Professional
  • Enterprise