Full speed ahead

The CloseOut solution is constantly evolving, and our team is dedicated to further developing new and improving the existing functionalities. Roadmap with our vision and direction of product development contains the following features:

Flex Flow

Increase flexibility of your project workflows by adding specific workflow placeholders for active sites.

This feature will help you address site specific nuances on the fly and adjust to current situation in the field, making sure you are more efficient with these processes.

Live Chat

Chat will help you with live information flow between field techs and your back office staff.

Users in the field will be able to communicate with validators and discuss details about documents, specific job or any important information that can help to clarify scope of work.

“As-Built” documentation repository

New document management feature in CloseOut that will store “As-built” documentation or any other relevant project or site documentation for quick access.

You will be able to organize your documents structure based on your needs and store them for future reference.

Work scheduler

With completely new UX design, our Work Scheduler will allow you to schedule employees for different sites and projects.

It will also have a great dynamic check feature, so it will automatically check employees certificate to see if that person can work on assigned location or not.

New Reports

Reporting is one of our key features and we are working to make it even better. Soon you will be able to get reports about project performance so you will get all the information you need and see if the workflow provided works for you.

You will be also able to see performance reports for validators and field team members.

Customer oriented. Always.

At CloseOut, we are working every day to make our platform even better.


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