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May 3, 2023

In the US, the first week in May brings us Tower Technician Appreciation Day, celebrating and honoring those who enjoy the best office view in the telecommunications industry. And deservedly so, as tower technicians perform some of the riskiest activities in the lifecycle of building and maintaining a mobile radio network, microwave links, or installing television equipment, to mention a few examples.

Indeed, a huge effort is invested before customers start enjoying superb quality mobile services. More often than not, we tend to take things for granted and underestimate and underappreciate all the activities that take place to keep the world connected. A vital link in the chain are the tower technicians climbing the masts and rooftops, making sure that the technology behind the service is in order and installed and working properly. Some of them handle various generations of equipment from various vendors, showcasing their tasks’ complexity. Working high up the tower, even in harsh weather conditions and in emergencies, is very demanding, physically and mentally intensive, and exhausting. Bearing this in mind, it is important that they have all the right training and tools, and are provided with the means and confidence to execute their work at the highest quality levels (pun intended).

No doubt it is great that there is a day dedicated to these unsung heroes of telecommunications, recognizing their tireless work and immense contribution to the connected world of today. At the same time, it is an opportunity to take a closer look at what is available through contemporary technology and applications that could improve their performance and work conditions. We’re more than happy to oblige with CloseOut features and functionalities, assisting them in what they do best.

For tower technicians to be able to perform efficiently, and do things the first time right, we at CloseOut have created a software solution that would make their work easier and safer. From AI-supported Health and Safety checks to quality control in real time using live VQA (Video Quality Assessment), CloseOut provides them with a sophisticated and powerful tool that complements their skills and assists them in their daily routines and duties, improving the overall process.

Futurewise, everything we do is aimed in the same direction, improving quality and efficiency, closely observing challenges and understanding pitfalls of different processes, and then tackling them with software and smart solutions. The ultimate goal is to allow the guys in high places (again, intentional pun) to take some time to enjoy their office view, satisfied after all the accomplished work.

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