Preventive Maintenance – Keeping production costs low, and service quality high

May 30, 2024

Welcome to the CloseOut Preventive Maintenance functionality, with freshly added prospects of doing more from the field than ever before. On-site engineers and technicians can now go through the preventive maintenance check list and process automatically, smoothly, thoroughly and systematically, with a guaranteed single visit inspection every time.  

  • Systematically structured post-inspection final report, containing any sort of documentation (image, video, checklist, document), can now be generated, exported in any needed format, and sent to any email address directly from the field, instantly after the inspection, allowing you to momentarily update anyone eagerly waiting for it.  
  • Our new on-site inspection capabilities allow you to add visual proof in the form of picture or video to your individual tasks, granting sight to your remote supervisor, making expensive and needless site revisits a relic of the past.  
  • We now offer possibility of generating schedules for your crews, dispatching them on different jobs within your weekly, monthly or yearly work plan, keeping preventive maintenance on track, saving you time and money, without sacrificing the quality of production.  
  • We are now enabling digital handwritten signatures, so all the important documents and reports can be signed on-site, either by the crew or by a customer, right after the preventive maintenance rounds are completed by the expert personnel. 
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