Project Documentation – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

April 7, 2023

We often tend to use the phrase „end-to-end“, either during a business interaction or in our private conversations. We use it to express a holistic view on a matter, to emphasize that something is observed in its entirety and the attention is paid to all the details. In the world of building infrastructure in telecommunications, energy, or construction business, there are numerous steps in the process and each industry holds its own specifics relevant to the actual fieldwork. How efficiently these steps are executed would determine the overall success of a project, how fast the fibre trenches are being dug, how precise the solar panel installation is, how much we build first time right.

But what happens once the build location is left silent, after the vehicles are gone and field teams have finished their jobs and everything is installed in its right place and fieldwork is completed? Well, actually, the work is far from over. For all the obvious (right?) reasons, companies focus on the build process and once it is done, many tend to consider that all is done, which in reality is not really „end-to-end“. Or in the words of Lenny Kravitz „It ain’t over ’till it’s over“. There is as-built documentation that comes as cherry on top, the icing on a cake, the red ribbon on a nicely wrapped-up location.

When you think about it, regardless of the fact that actual fieldwork is done, there can be no invoicing, no closing of an investment, no transfer to the assets list, no payment process initiated, until the documentation is finished and processed. Therefore, optimizing this step is of utmost importance for the overall efficiency of a project. Time-wise, but also money-wise. And there is plenty of room for improvement.

Instead of spending multiple human resources for multiple days or weeks renaming the photographs, reordering files, compiling the location-related data, imagine things being executed in parallel in the background as the build process advances, and once the work is done, a required documentation is conveniently delivered on a click. With all photographs with correct names and in the right order, time- and geo-tagged, all relevant data collected and delivered and ready to be reviewed. Done based on templates, exactly how you intended and in the same form regardless of who’s done it. Imagine it in PDF, Excel, Zip, even video, all created automatically and mistake-free, so work can be accepted and acknowledged, investments closed, and payments initiated.

Now stop imagining. We thought of exactly that and that is exactly what CloseOut delivers, a digital outcome of a delivered work, automated, optimized and efficient. No matter which industry we belong to, sure we must care for the core business and continuously improve it, but also, at all times, we must care of what surrounds it, the entire process, and only then we can say we’ve done it the proper way, CloseOut way, „end-to-end“.

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