Why Field Service Management is more important today than ever before?

January 18, 2024

With the need of faster Internet access, new energy sources, new space for living, construction works in many different areas such as telecommunications, energy, oil and gas, utilities, building and construction more than ever require responsibility of the people who are performing it.

There are many reasons for that that can be mentioned and elaborated, and in this article, we will focus on a few which are crucial for humankind.

As more than eight billion people live on Earth and there is less space we can maneuver and live in, not affecting, or disturbing someone around us, we should be more careful in our fieldwork towards ourselves and people who work with us and protect the environment and nature around us. Digital tools and artificial intelligence should be wisely used to assist us in these must have activities.

How can we be more careful towards ourselves and the people who work with us?

Construction works are prone to accidents which can cause injuries or even in some cases fatalities of people who are performing it or people who will work at the same place where the works were performed. It is important to prevent such accidents by increasing awareness of taken health and safety preventive measures and proper systematic supervision of health and safety measures taken before and during fieldwork.

In the past full visibility of measures taken was not in place and not in real time. Implementing them to some extent required a lot of paperwork and especially trust between supervisors and people who perform fieldwork that the measures were taken.

Hazard prevention in our fieldwork for the colleagues who work with us or after us, or people who are passing nearby location on which works are performed is equally important. Care should be taken in work with material and equipment on site and disposing of them safely and securely in order not to be dangerous to others.

With digital solutions today tracking such activities is much more reliable and easier than it was before and by implementing them you can have much more trust that accidents will be avoided.

Today digital solutions are in real time and can provide and track field employees digital ID of health and safety prerequisites which are supposed to be met for each of them prior to any fieldwork and follow fulfilment of health and safety measures which are supposed to be taken before and during the fieldwork.

Digital solutions can track preventive measures taken in manipulating and disposing material and equipment during and after fieldwork. By deploying further artificial intelligence it is becoming even easier and faster and reduces time to take full health and safety audits and hazard prevention audits for each fieldwork event.

It is important to mention that many digital solutions state that they cover or have modules that cover such important topics but before you choose the right one, analyze deeper capabilities of the solution. Experience and knowledge of the team behind the digital solution is equally important.

How can we protect the environment and nature around us better than before?

Demands for new technologies and new resources for humankind’s evolution require massive deployment of new materials and equipment. Therefore, environmental protection should be an essential topic in every day’s fieldwork in any construction activities. Rasing awareness of site hygiene is fundamental preventive measure and protection of the environment and nature around us.

If we just touch upon today’s move in telco industry towards fiber networks and 5G radio networks which require massive replacement of previous generations of technology such as copper networks and 2G/3G networks, there are tons of material and equipment which should be treated properly.

This requires removal, disposal and recycling of materials and equipment who were utilized for decades and proper deployment of new materials and equipment which will be used in decades to come. Physical presence on every site as it was done in the past for supervision of this process is just impossible and support of digital tools is the only way this can be done.

With the implementation of digital tools which provide possibility for audits over virtual presence on every site at the same time during the project such supervision is achievable. Proper documenting of site hygiene during and after the work and continuous auditing gives us trust that we have taken proper treatment of the waste, installed new materials and equipment properly and have a systematic approach towards this important matter.

Adding artificial intelligence in this process can bring more accuracy in this process and valuable assistance to the human eye during audit processes.

In today’s fast-moving industries that require construction works, the only conclusion that can be drawn in order to protect and even save humankind and Earth is that on digital solutions for Field Service Management same level of attention should be given as for design, deployment, workforce and machinery on every project.

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