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Optimize Field Operation with QA Automation – A How-To Guide

November 21, 2022

Automation is a great way not only to save time but also to eliminate (or at least, heavily minimize) mistakes. The right platform and solution will allow you to digitize most of your tasks – and in turn, that makes it easier for employees doing fieldwork to do their work more efficiently.

Why is QA Important?

Using a good digital solution such as CloseOut will make field service work more efficient and workers more productive. And in turn, you’ll provide the best possible service — now and in the future.
With Quality Assurance automation, you can…

Streamline your team’s on-site performance

The best way to make sure your field employees know how and what to do next is to have templates and step-by-step guides and instructions.

You will get the peace of mind knowing that they have where and what to look for if they get stuck or confused about their next step, and the workers also get their peace of mind knowing that they can access this at any time, without feeling embarrassed or scared to tell someone else.

A step-by-step template will provide assurance that all steps are being done correctly, with example photos and explanations that will make sure people are properly trained, and won’t misunderstand procedures.

Templates are good for another thing: making sure the way things are executed is consistent. People will always follow the same steps and look at the same rulebook or template, thus keeping the quality of work consistently high.


Follow reports and measure results

The best way to know if something is working or not is by looking at data.
However, collecting said data can be tiring, complicated, or difficult – with many different factors and situations to keep track of.

Luckily, an automated solution can keep reports and results in one place! You may access all the information whenever you want, a few clicks away.

Seeing the measures and numbers will make it easier for you to see what works and what doesn’t. Then, you may decide what needs optimizing and what the best way to do it is, then look at the data once more after a while.

You could make better schedules, have the right people on the right sites, see what streamlines need to be adjusted, where people are losing most of their time, etc. Reports are a comprehensive overview of the team’s performance and are useful as an additional tool to rate their execution.

The best part of looking through a bulk of data all at once is that you’ll be able to see patterns you might have missed otherwise, and have ideas on how to best optimize performance for the future.

Use AI for automated health and safety checks

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while now. And, while some people are fearing AI, we say – embrace it. AI is there to help take on repetitive, boring tasks – so why not take advantage of that?

When making CloseOut, we included an AI that will help you with health and safety checks – making sure your field workers have proper safety gear, checking whether everything is ok on the site, etc. – while sending you a notification to let you know things have been done. Today, we have about 20 different activities that are covered by AI, with more to come.

Because we are committed to always improving and because we listen to our clients’ feedback, we’re working on including other aspects of AI fieldwork checks. Soon enough, there will be other features coming soon – like site hygiene, which some of our engineers and clients thought would be helpful.

Stay tuned for that and more news!

In conclusion…

QA is important to upkeep a certain standard and make a reputation for your company. And, since it’s so important, having it automated to ensure all parts will be executed well might be even more valuable.

With this, a good tool is half the job done.

A tool that will allow you to automate QA tasks, making the process run smoothly, and helping you be on top, every step of the way.

But what separates a great tool from a good one, is the additional value it gives you.

With CloseOut, you will not only automate QA but will be able to have the best overview of any project you have ever done.

It’s not an exaggeration.

You’ll be able to modify the dashboard as you see fit to best suit your needs; to see the percentage of every task in any project.

Be in the know about your field workers’ certifications, their productivity and overload, who’s working on what site, and when.

And, above all, CloseOut can help get rid of one big headache most project managers and decision-makers have: close-out documentation.

We’re proud of our in-build close-out documentation that will be stored on our platform, available to you, in any format you choose – and just a click away.

In the end, it’s all about optimizing your field operation and making projects run smoothly and efficiently. And the best way to do that is to have as much information as you can, delegate the work that can be done by AI so you can have the time to process that information, and use it to do the best work yet. Now, and in the future.

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