Say Goodbye to the exhausting paperwork – Say Hello to the endless possibilities of CloseOut digital documentation module!

May 30, 2024

A hard day on-site might seem finished, but once you’re ready to roll those sleeves back down, a paperwork monster roars at you, letting you know who exactly is in charge of this project. Documentation is a crucial part of the game, and we can help make it as easy and smooth a process as technologically possible.

The CloseOut documentation module does all the hard paperwork for you, in an automated, intuitive and user-friendly way.  
Other than choosing our As-built documentation and Closeout package, we provide unparalleled possibilities for custom made documentation to suit all your ideas and needs.

These are only a few of the opportunities we had to help our clients all over the world resolve some of their long occurring issues, while we try to paint a picture of the endless prospects our powerful documentation feature allows you to use.

  • Health & Safety – No matter where in the world you are, our H&S documentation can be adjusted to precisely follow every local procedure and regulation. Our Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) procedures systematically exam, define and control all potential job hazards, keeping the people safe and management paperless and headache free.  
  • Inventory Tracker – Keeping track of every single item involved in a multi-site project might sometimes seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. CloseOut Inventory Tracker lets you know the exact location and condition of any needed item, be it a screwdriver or an expensive piece of machinery, together with information about a person who used it last. Another good thing – it is an extremely customizable documentation feature, ready and set to manage any sort of inventory that needs to be taken care of.  
  • Hourly Report – CloseOut can now handle most of your company’s project related HR needs. We can collect and extract reports regarding your workers’ hours, keeping track of every data needed for your Finance Department to handle costs and expenditure even more simpler.  
  • Preventive Maintenance Report – We can now send any documentation to any email address at any given time during the project. And we can make it from the field, while your technicians and engineers are still on-site, allowing them even to put a digital handwritten signature to any necessary document and greenlight any needed action in real time.  
  • CloseOut documentation saves time and other resources, while casually lightening the workload and leaving people to do what they are best at.  
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