VQA – Real Time Video Quality Assurance which brings the control back to your hands

May 30, 2024

In fieldwork quality management, a VQA typically refers to the use of video recordings to inspect, document, and verify the quality of on-site fieldwork. This process helps ensure that projects meet the required standards and specifications.

Managing it in person is possible, but when fieldwork takes place in one or more remote locations, the advantages of a remote VQA become evident. 

In CloseOut, we call this powerful feature Real Time Video Quality Assurance, as it introduces a new paradigm for quality control in remote fieldwork locations. Whether it’s a health and safety issue, on-site hygiene concern, or a pressing problem that requires the expertise of an engineer located hundreds of miles away, our Real-Time Video Quality Assurance functionality can and will provide a solution. 

CloseOut VQA enables back-office decision makers to conduct real-time video calls where they control the on-site crew’s phone camera, allowing them to capture photos and record videos as needed.

This allows engineers and supervisors to remotely obtain precise job quality information, which further ensures the integrity, safety, and compliance of projects. 

Just like any meeting, it can be scheduled in advance within the app. Once the meeting starts with a click on the invitation link, the camera on the physical location’s device turns on, and the back-office person gains control of it for the duration of the audit.  

All media taken by quality auditor is stored in a workflow structure accessible only to them, not the on-site personnel. Supervisors can review and decide whether to keep or discard the recordings based on their quality.

This ensures all documentation is stored in the CloseOut app on the back-office computer, organized for easy extraction in various report formats. 

Visual Quality Audits are a critical component of effective quality management. Overall, CloseOut VQA helps enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and accountability of the quality control process. It is a game-changing asset for maintaining high standards and ensuring the successful completion of on-site projects.

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